Tyler Lenn Bradley




Height: 5'6''  Eyes: Brown   Hair: Dark Brown


Humanity (Original Dance Production)         Writer, Director & Choreographer    
rem (Original Ballet)                                         Co-Writer, Director & Choreographer

The Scarlet Pimpernel                                      Assistant Director                                  Dr. Annette Thornton

Choreography & Dance (Educational) 

Lansing Community Dance Project            Choreographer                                 Happendance

The American Dance Festival Student       Choreographer    

Choreography Showcase

University Theatre Dance Company           Dancer/Student Choreographer    Heather Trommer-Beardslee
The Light of the Labyrinth                            Dancer                                                Kathryn Hunter 
We Are Here                                                    Dancer                                                Ana Lossing  

Outdoor Site-Specific Performance            Dancer/Choreographer                    Heather Trommer-Beardslee

Theater (Educational)

The Marvelous Land of Oz                              Jack Pumpkinhead           Troy Mullin      
The Wrestling Season                                      Melanie                              Nancy Eddy 
A Midsummer Night's Dream                         Hippolyta                           Steve Berglund 
The Adventures of Captain Neato-Man        Trixie                                   Vince Hanchon 
Hair                                                                     Lincoln                                Dr. Annette Thornton 

Everyman                                                           Beauty                                Neil Vanderpool                            

Central Michigan Recruitment (Commercial)                                                     Lab Student    
Zoe Life Spa & Salon (Commercial)                                                                      Client    
Disney College Program Recruitment Advertisement (Photoshoot)              Student     
2012 CMU Threads Fashion Show                                                                        Runway Model 

2014 CMU Threads Fashion Show                                                                        Runway Model 


Central Michigan University (B.S. Theatre, Dance, Business Administration) - May 2015 

*2015 American Dance Festival 

Dance Technique and Composition: T.Lang,* Jesse Zaritt*, Heather Trommer Beardslee, Ricky "Bird" Clarkston, Andrea Purrenhage, Bethany Hepworth, Vickie Diebold, Dr. Annette Thornton 

Acting: Jack Fever*, Dr. Annette Thornton, Steve Berglund, Keeley Stanley-Bohn 


Directing: Dr. Timothy Connors

Voice: Jonita Lattimore, Dr. Latoya Lain, Rafael Lopez Barrantes* 





Workshops & Masterclasses 

Deeply Rooted Dance Theater 

Contemporary Dance - Loren Davidson* 

Contemporary Dance - Abby Zbikowski*

Flamenco - Noche Flamenca*

Jump Rhythm Jazz Technique - 

Billy Sigenfield

Appalachian Clogging and Flatfooting - Nic




Certified Zumba Instructor, Basic Stage Combat (Hand to Hand, Quarter Staff, Rapport Dagger), Basketball, Tennis, Track, Licensed Driver, Toddler Voice, Poker, Pool, Table Tennis, Swimming, Basic Knowledge of American Sign Language, Outstanding Leadership and Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Basic knowledge of IPA, Experience working with children, Basic Piano, Basic Stage Makeup Experience, Basic Sewing Experience, CPR and AED Certified