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Tyler has been published in various anthologies and will release her first book of poetry, Phasing Freely, in 2023. Check out her books below!

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Phasing Freely 

Tyler Lenn Bradley's debut full-length poetry collection.

Phasing Freely is a captivating collection of poetry, quotes, and journal prompts that explores mental health through the many phases of the moon.


Coming Soon in 2023 by Alegria Publishing. 


Praxinoscope PerformX Anthology

No. 1: Months of the Year

Praxinoscope PerformX is a quarterly performance platform in Los Angeles, CA. Months of the Year includes performance documents from the first PerformX presentation.

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Dreaming the Future

A Los Angeles Poet Society anthology of poetry, prose, and art that dares to dream.


Flower Poem Anthology 

A Thousand Flower Publishing

An anthology by A Thousand Flowers publishing coming soon in 2023.

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